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12 Web Designers to Follow For Inspiration

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Web design is a term that the tech industry uses to refer to a wide range of topics. “Web design” could refer to the code for a web page; it can refer to the visuals used on social networking sites, and much more. Usually though, the term “web design” is taken literally and used to refer to a website’s design and also the visuals/ graphics for social media accounts.

Our tastes are constantly evolving, because of which, web design is constantly evolving as well. It is extremely important for businesses to stay up-to-date with latest web design trends in order to resonate with the younger audiences.

Thankfully, there are quite a few web designers on the internet who you can look towards for inspiration. Here is a list of 12 of the best web designers on the internet, put together by our Web Design Company team;

  1. Michael Korwin-Piotrowski

Mike can be found on Instagram and his username is @dsgnr_. Apart from being an art director for a big firm, Mike is also an art and tattoo enthusiast.

  1. Marius Roosendaal

Marius hails from Netherlands and you can check out his work on Behance. Marius is an expert in web design, branding and art. He is currently working at AREA17.

  1. Michal Sycz

An expert in web design and branding, Sycz has been inspiring others for many years now. His firm specializes in the art of building a brand image for businesses. Sycz can be found on Behance.

  1. Fabio Sasso

Apart from working for Google, Fabio is also the founder or Abduzeedo (a website for web design enthusiasts). Fabio can be found on Twitter, his username is @abduzeedo.

  1. Jessica Robbins

The creative and UX director at Saxum runs a pretty informative Instagram account in her spare time. Her Instagram username is @uxmemo.

  1. Yael Levey

Yeal is a product design lead from London. In her spare time, she maintains an Instagram account where she shares a lot of UX related tips, ideas, thoughts and even quotes. Her username is @iamnotmypixels.

  1. Clément Faydi

Faydi is a UI expert who has worked for some pretty big companies. His minimalist design keeps everything nice and simple. Faydi can be found on Behance.

  1. Andy Sowards

A geek, a programmer and a web designer, Andy publishes content that makes his a must-follow for every web design enthusiast. His Twitter username is @andysowards.

  1. Brad Frost

Apart from being an expert web designer, Brad is an author, speaker and a consultant. So, if you want some web design inspiration, specifically, UI web design, and then follow Brad on Twitter @brad_frost.

  1. Kevin Mercier

Kevin is from Paris, France and his Instagram account is like an open bank-vault to all those who love designing websites. Follow him @kem_wd.

  1. Momkai

This is an independent group of web design experts and they have working for all kinds of big brands, from Nike to Red Bull. Check out their work on Behance.

  1. Jessica Walsh

Like many people on this list Jessica is a multi-talented person as well. When it comes to art direction and graphic designing, she knows pretty much everything there is to know. Follow her on Instagram at @jessicavwalsh.

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